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Re: [BKARTS] printing photographs

Yes, I agree that the CD-RW is a better deal but the
CD-RW must be reformated if major changes are made.

My shop takes both the 100MB and 250 MB Zips, abut we
are a little leary of taking CD's of any kind. Many CD
users do not understand that when they "erase" a
portion if a CD-RW that portion of the disk becomes
unavailable for reuse untill the disk is reformated,
and press on. Also many CD providers do not preflight
their CD's, and argue with you when you tell them that
files are missing.

Sometimes a disk with a lot of erased files can become
problematic for our systems.

A couple of people asked me off list about the HP and
Lexmark Laser printers, and why I recomended the
Xerox. The simple answer is I like Xerox's toners
better. At the time of printing they more closely
match the photometrics of US (Pantone) process inks.

There is also a question of permanancy. There is a set
of HP, Lexmark and Xerox laser printed pages in my
southern window and I have watched for changes in

I just now reprinted the sheet on my Xerox and the
closest match is the Xerox set that has hardly
changed, but the cyan (blue) and primrose (yellow)
inks have visably changed in the spot color bars, and
there is a slight drift to a rosier colour in the HP
and Lexmark samples.

The actual measured differences, as measured by a
densitometer are: (The difference of .02 DlogE may be
a different batch of toner)

  To orrigional Readings      To new print readings
  ----------------------     ----------------------
   HP    Lexmark   Xerox      HP    Lexmark   Xerox

C Cyan
 -0.08    -0.06    -0.01    -0.09    -0.06    -0.01

M Magenta (Red)
 -0.03    -0.02    -0.00    -0.04    -0.07    -0.01

Y Primrose (Yellow)
 -0.09    -0.08    -0.00    -0.10    -0.08    +0.01

K Black
 +0.01    +0.00    +0.00    -0.01    +0.01    +0.00

Of course if you really want permanent colors nothing
can beat the HP digital presses or the Heidelburg




--- Jules Siegel <siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> on 8/30/03 12:53 PM, Silver MayKitten at
> maykitten1@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > If he intends to have the books printed by offset
> he
> > will also need a high capacity Zip drive. Check
> with
> > your intended printer before buying to get the
> right
> > model.
> A CD burner is a much better deal. A book can easily
> exceed a 250 mb ZIP
> cartridge capacity. A rewritable CD holds 700 mb and
> costs about a $10 even
> here in Cancun.

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