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Re: [BKARTS] Miniature Book Collections


There are many special collections libraries in the college and university
area. My miniature books have been bought by Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Wells
College, San Francisco Univ, Indiana Univ, San Diego State Univ, Washington
Univ (St Louis), Brown Univ, American Intercontinal Univ (LA), Southern
Methodist Univ, Emory Univ, Carnegie Mellon Univ, UC Santa Barbara... and
many private libraries as well (like the Getty). Just go to the website of
any large University and get their address and send them an announcement.

Patrice Baldwin
Pequeño Press

>I'm getting ready to market my new artist book series which are all
>miniature books. I've marketed lots of my regular artist books, but since
>this is my first foray into the miniature world, I'm looking for a few
>Can anyone recommend which univerisities and library special collections
>departments (or other venues) collect miniature books? Any ideas would be
>greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
>Kevin Thomas

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