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Re: [BKARTS] printing photographs-Epson 2200 CIS and reinking

Audrey, you mentioned getting an Epson 2000. I've got an Epson 2200 which
has the archival 7 colors and flat paper path good for art board. While I
haven't purchased it yet, I was planning on buying a continuous inking
system for it. Seems you can refill the cartridges too. Need a chip
resetter. Not everyone has supplies for the Epson 2200 but Media Street
appear to. They also have supplies for the Epson 2000P you mentioned. I've
heard that eventually the Epson nozzles wear or clog but realistically the
larger format Epson printers are made pretty much the same and have
continuous inking system which go through gallons of ink per year. The best
archival ink Media Street sells is US$488 per gallon. Ouch, but that is
actually a lot of ink.


Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
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-----Original Message-----
Hi,  I read your posting on the Bookarts List and I was wondering... you
don't mention the epson at all.  I was under the impression that the Epson
printers were really considered state of the art.  I plan to buy an Epson
archival inkjet printer and you make me wonder if I'm making the best choice
now.  I
don't think that you can reink the Epson.  Do you have recommendations for
printers that you personally would use in the range of the epson 2000 that
consider to be as good, using archival ink that can be reinked?


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