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Re: [BKARTS] (no subject) Thanks Michael Andrews

In a message dated 8/31/03 3:58:24 PM !!!First Boot!!!, apeiron@xxxxxxxxxxxx

> Then you need to learn about using pigment, and how to overcome
> Epson's rather powerful resistance to using the better 3rd party inks.
> Otherwise, pay the money and use Epson's pigment ink set


 Thanks Michael Andrews,
 For the very informative email. Seems quite involved to master all the
aspects of digital printing. I'm just a hobby artist, and have recently become
interested in the art of altered books and book binding. So I have been lingering
here on the list, reading all the wonderful information received. Its like a
class room in delivery. Lots of professional advice received here.

I have a question about the clip I included from your previous email. Where
can I read / investigate more about the Epson issue of using the better 3rd
party inks? It may have been included in one of the websites you mentioned, but I
haven't had time yet to do all the searching. Lots of info to go through :-P

Thanks Kindly,
Charles G
Texas USA

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