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Re: [BKARTS] (no subject) Thanks Michael Andrews

Hi Charles

I am not sure if there has been any well defined pro and con debate.
You might try the following user groups:

This one is the best and is run by Diana at Hawk Mountain papers.

Another good one is:

Both relate to fine art printers on inkjets.

If you are looking for the small Epson, you might try to find a Epson 1200
Ebay. Epson quite making it in order to prevent people from using third
party inks.
They replaced it with the 2000 which is the same printer but with a chip
prevents third party inks.
When third parties provided chips to replace the Epson chip,
Epson made their latest printer, I forget the number, 2600 or 2800.
It is a better printer in the sense that it has a higher resolution than
1400 dpi,
and it has 7 heads instead of 6.
That is, it has two blacks and is makes a better black and white
in the black only mode.
I do not think the third party ink makers have yet replicated the
7 color ink set.

You have to investigate the inks for your purposes.
As far as I know the Epson pigments are very good
and are the easiest to use, but they are very expensive,
not available in bulk, and the metamerism is supposed to be worse.

MIS makes a set of pigments at www.MISsupply.com
but there was some dye to make them appear brighter.
So they are more suspect.

Most, including me, prefer Media  Streets Generations Enhanced.
The is a plain Generations and difference seems to be that it
has a more brilliant yellow, but it is not archival.
The printing characteristics are very different than the Epson pigments
and some people have complained that they can't get as good a print.
But they do make prints every bit a brilliant as Epson ink,
but the profiles have to be modified to compensate.

Anyway, happy research.
And if you learn anything new, let me know.



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> > Then you need to learn about using pigment, and how to overcome
> > Epson's rather powerful resistance to using the better 3rd party inks.
> > Otherwise, pay the money and use Epson's pigment ink set
>  Thanks Michael Andrews,
>  For the very informative email. Seems quite involved to master all the
> aspects of digital printing. I'm just a hobby artist, and have recently
> interested in the art of altered books and book binding. So I have been
> here on the list, reading all the wonderful information received. Its like
> class room in delivery. Lots of professional advice received here.
> I have a question about the clip I included from your previous email.
> can I read / investigate more about the Epson issue of using the better
> party inks? It may have been included in one of the websites you
mentioned, but I
> haven't had time yet to do all the searching. Lots of info to go through
> Thanks Kindly,
> Charles G
> Texas USA

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