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Re: [BKARTS] printing photographs

Dear Mats:

I have not tried the continuous inking system for the later models of
Epson, with the chips.  However, I did try the earlier system with an Epson
750.  Actually, two Epson 750s.  It was not a happy experience.  I ended up
with blobbing on both print heads, and was never successful in correcting
the problem.  I did try refilling carts for the 870, with better results,
but still not perfect.  I eventually trashed the 870 by inadvertently
inserting a cart without a chip.  This did not work, of course, and when I
removed it, the contacts were all bent out of shape.  The repair center I
went to was not able to get a replacement print head assembly: end of
printer.  The 750 print heads are ceramic, and should be cleanable, but I
have not succeeded in doing this to date.

I have had much better luck refilling cartridges for the HP cp1700.  This
is an ink tank system with separate, replaceable heads.  And the heads do
need to be replaced from time to time, at considerable expense, but
bearable when the ink itself is cheap.  I hope to have similar success with
the Canon i850, as it has a similar inking system.

Anyone wanting an Epson 870 with a broken print head or an Epson 750 with
blobbing print heads, please let me know.


At 08:30 PM 01/09/2003 +0200, you wrote:
For most mid- and high-end range Epson printers you can buy third-party
continuous ink supply systems or buy ink in bulk. For larger editions,
this is the way to go. ...

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