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Re: [BKARTS] printing photographs

At 04:05 PM 01/09/2003 -0400, you wrote:
An addendum to my last post concerning refilling the HP and similar carts.

One of the peculiarities of the HP system is that they have a chip which
does not prevent refilling, but defeats the ink gauge system.  So you can
have a completely refilled system, and the printer will complain that your
carts are low or empty.  Consequently, in order to avoid running dry, which
is a waste of time, paper and ink and may also damage the print heads, you
need to have an alternative method of gauging the ink supply.  What I do is
weigh the ink tanks.  I have a scale which has a least count of 0.01g, and
I weigh the carts before each long run.  This tells me how much ink I have
left, and by keeping a running tally in a spreadsheet, I can predict how
many copies of a particular text I can run before I need to change the tank.

This works quite well.  Better, in fact than the original system, which was
supposed to stop printing when the ink ran out, but sometimes failed to do
so.  I have several tanks for all colors, and I have yet to throw any out
for seal failure or other reasons.  Refilling is straightforward, provided
you do not damage the sealing surfaces of the ink port in the cart.  A
friend who is a bit rough with the disassembly procedure tends to nick the
soft plastic seal, which then leaks.  I have never had this problem.

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