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[BKARTS] Re:      [BKARTS] Question to Bruc e Levy and all

Actually the structure supports any type of inside treatment that
you would want to use.  I've used the following:  standard type end
sheets, flexi- style, cloth or leather inner hinges, with or without
doublours.  Literally any type.

However, when setting the board-to-text attachment with the cords
and vellum tabs, use variable thickness spacers on each side of the
text block to accomodate whichever inner treatment you use.  When
attaching the vellum tabs you need to allow a little extra space
between the board and spine edge of the first and last section to
accomodate the shrinkage that will result when the vellum dries.
Off-set the board towards the foredge by this extra amount. If there
is too little,it will cause a clamping effect that will influence
the spine shape when it's closed.  The board should be able to just
drop in place without squeezing or stretching the spine of the text
block.  Some early models I did were too tight.  Only experience
will show how much space is required.  It's hard to answer without
illustrations, but I think there are some in the article you
mention.  Good luck.

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From: Daniel Winston <james9157@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 2003 08:29:05 -0700
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Subject:      [BKARTS] Question to Bruce Levy and all

> I am practicing on a dummy text in the style of your
> K-118 Hard Board Conservation Binding ("The "K-118"
> Binding Structure: A 500 Year Old Experiment for
> Modern-Day Book Conservation", Conservation and
> Preservation of Humanities Research Collections,
> 1989). And I have arrived at a topic I didn't see
> discussed in the article.  What type/style of endsheet
> did you use?
> Thank you for your time,
> Respectfully,
> Daniel Winston

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