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Re: [BKARTS] Not for Profits Haha

For what it's worth, filing a complaint with the local chapter of the Better
Business Bureau can be an option...

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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 5:22 PM
Subject: Not for Profits Haha

> I'm not sure what the "Board of Councilors" does in this case, but most
likely its members are legally responsible for whatever shenanigans the
Director or others may pull. In my experience these situations are the norm
rather than the exception in not-for-profits, especially in the arts: the
kind of "bending of the rules" that would - or should - get a CEO thrown in
the clink is pretty much tolerated, because the sums are relatively small,
nobody gets hurt, there's a rubber-stamp board of directors, etc.
> In your position(and I've been in your position), I would share my concern
with the board on which I sat. The most likely result will be, that you'll
be ignored; or worse, that you'll be accused of disloyalty, of playing
underhanded politics, etc, etc. After that you can resign with a clear
conscience that you've done your duty, both towards the institution and
towards those who will be left with that legal responsibility.
> >From one who's been there, Good Luck!
> Paul T Werner, New York
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