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Re: [BKARTS] off-topic: nonprofit management question

I hope when you resigned you put it in writing WHY you did so. Until
the resignation is accepted you are still responsible for the
actions of a Board of which you may be a member AND Unless you
disagree IN WRITING with an action of the Board (preferably in the
official minutes) then you can be held responsible with the rest of
the board for any illegal action the board may have done.

I have been involved on many Profit and non-profit Boards both in
Canada and the US and have seen many such shenanigans go on.

At 11:30 PM 8/31/03 -0500, you wrote:
>All --
>Sorry to go off-topic but I've got a burning question that I think some of you
>may be able to help me with. Please reply off-list.
>I recently resigned from the board of councilors of an organization because the
>long-time (12 years) executive director/the president of board of trustees
>could not or would not tell me who the Program Dir. listed on the
>organization's 1099, at a salary of $24,000, was.
>Is it just me or is this a sign that the executive director/president of board
>of trustees is, at best, incompetent or, at worst, up to something?
>-- Tony
David Allen
Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
840 Snowdrop Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 888-9380

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