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Re: [BKARTS] painting on suede?

Hi Susan:

I wanted to thank you for your recommendation. I have bought a few colors to
try out and they do look beautiful and like they will be the right choice.
Now, hopefully, I don't mess thing up!

Thank you,

on 8/6/03 2:37 PM, Susan Fatemi at susanf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> At 09:27 AM 8/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>> Hi:
>> Can/should one paint on suede and what sort of paint/sizing/preparation is
>> best to use?
>> Thank you,
>> Jennifer
> Jennifer,
> If no one comes up with a more authoritative answer (!) you can
> paint on leather with Neopaque/Lumiere (no heat-setting required)
> with really stunning results.  I don't know the effect on suede, but
> you could give it  a try.
> They are available from Dharma Trading Co.
>> ***********************************************
> Susan Fatemi
> susanf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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