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Re: [BKARTS] continuous ink systems

One example of a third party continuous ink system that uses tubes to
connect larger containers of ink to retrofitted cartridges is Lyson's
Cave Paint Bulk Ink system for the Epson 2200. The system was assembled
and operational in approximately 30 minutes. The pigment inks were bright
and rich without any change in profiles and in two months of continuous
use I have had absolutely no problems.

While an individual Epson Stylus Photo 2200 cartridge holds 18 ml and
costs $10.99 per cartridge (.61 per milliliter), the Lyson Cave Paint
bottle holds 125 ml of ink  (the equivalent of 7 cartridges) and costs
$23, (.18 per milliliter). This is less than 1/3 the cost of an Epson

The Lyson system with 875 ml of ink, cartridges fitted with everlasting
chips that override the ink control software, bottle holder, stand,
tubing, brackets, installation instructions, ICC profiles, a trial size
can of Print Guard and a sample pack of Lyson media costs $450, less than
the same amount of ink alone would be from Epson.

They also have continuous ink systems for the:
 Epson 1160 CIS.
 Epson 870/890 CIS (with 100% full chips).
 Epson 1270/1280/1290 CIS (with 100% full chips).
 Epson 2000P CIS (with 100% full chips).
 Epson 2100
 Canon S9000 (Coming Soon)

The Lyson webpage description is

and the system can be purchased from:
Pete Lepovsky
i-Lab Corporation
Lyson Inks
P.O. Box 1030
Atkinson, NH 03811
603-362-4190  603-362-4191

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