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Re: [BKARTS] folded cover

I'm sure you could find the name in Keith Smith's book, Non-Adhesive


I've heard it called a "turtle" binding before.  Sorry, I don't know off
hand where you might find one on the 'net, but I bet a google search would
reveal something.

Kathie Gillaspey
Expression Magazine
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Subject: [BKARTS] folded cover

Dear Book folk,

 Can anyone tell me a name for the kind of this non-adhesive
 cover and/or where it is described in any books or
 websites? It's made by folding the top and bottom of one
 cover sheet, then inserting the tabs made from folds on the
 sides of another sheet. You need to use yet another sheet
 for the spine.

 It's versatile and can be used for making small books, or
 even have more text added later.

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