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Re: [BKARTS] Miniature Book Collections


Although my reply largely duplicates what someone else has written, let me
emphasize that collectors are your best bet for sales (unless, of course you
have priced your work in the upper ranges).

If you will contact me directly, I will send you information about the
Miniature Book Society.  Our next "Conclave" will be in Toronto in about a
month.  Check out the website for details.

Our Newsletter welcomes news of new books, and we have an annual competition
to recognize outstanding work,

Donn Sanford
Past-President, MBS

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Hello All,

I'm getting ready to market my new artist book series which are all
miniature books. I've marketed lots of my regular artist books, but since
this is my first foray into the miniature world, I'm looking for a few

Can anyone recommend which univerisities and library special collections
departments (or other venues) collect miniature books? Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kevin Thomas

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