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Re: [BKARTS] folded cover

"this folded cover, which I called "The Cover Designed to
Fall Apart," and I attributed to Hedi Kyle" (Barbara

"I've heard it called a 'turtle' binding..." (Kathie

Dear Kathie, Liese, Barbara, and especially Patricia Grass
for those long instructions--

Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I appreciate it.

I actually know how to make this type of cover, but have
never seen a name associated with it, and I really couldn't
figure out how to describe it well. When I'm talking about
it to someone who is present with me, I can just show by
making my hands into "interlocking C-clamps" and people get
it immediately-- but it takes a long time to do it in

I first heard of this type of cover in a class with Colleen
Cavin. She didn't teach it, but mentioned the idea of the
structure. Later I saw one like this that she had made.
Then a friend came back from a class with Michael Jacobs
and had made some small books using this same basic idea.

I do think it works well as covers for examples of fine
printing or calligraphy. I don't know how durable it is for
board covers with larger text blocks. I haven't tried that.
("the Cover Designed to Fall Apart" makes me even more

I have the Pauline Johnson book and will look to see how
she describes it.
I'm thinking it might also be in Alisa Golden's books

thanks for all the help,

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