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Re: [BKARTS] "in sheets"

Hi Ehud,

<< > Can anyone recommend simple software for formatting pages so that they

> be printed into signatures? >>

I teach a class in using your home computer to do page layout. Below are the
first two paragraphs of the handout. I'd be glad to send you the entire text
portions of this rather long handout by e-mail or a print out with the
illustrations by regular mail if you are interested.
Patricia Grass

Doing A Book Layout On A Computer

I work very visually, drawing myself all kinds of guides on the screen.
Nobody else is ever going to see it because it will not be printed so give yourself
all the help and cues you can. I think you need four things in a computer
program to do page layout--
1. a grid system
2. the ability to construct text blocks
3. the ability to link those text blocks together in any manner
4. the ability to tell the computer NOT to print certain areas of the page.

    I use Ready, Set, Go. I love it and have been using it for over15 years.
It can only be purchased from England. No service bureau or commercial printer
going straight from disk to film will be able to use it but I donāt use
service bureaus and commercial printers in my personal work. It does have the
ability to save your page in an EPS format and I have used this feature to have
things commercially printed for other people. My Mac computer and Epson and GCC
Technologies printers do just fine with it and this program lets me do
everything I want with no hassle. It gives me as much typographic control as I want,
kerning, leading, rotation, etc. It works with Photoshop and Illustrator and
any clip art I possess. And I donāt get a commission on sales; I think itās a
much neglected, affordable, wonderful program.

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