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Re: [BKARTS] Mounting as a Japanese Scroll

Japanese Scroll Paintings, by Masako Koyano, Foundation of the American
Institute for Conservation, Washington D.C.,1979 is a good place to
start.  Likewise, if you are able to obtain copies of "The Paper
Conservator, Journal of the Institute of Paper Conservation", England
they often have related articles.  The 1985, vol. 9 issue will be
particularly helpful.

Doug Sanders

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> Subject: Mounting as a Japanese Scroll
> This is an inquiry as to whether or not anyone on this list can point
me to
> any books on Japanese Scroll Mounting, and/or sources of supply for
> appropriate silk brocade and proper quality of rice paper and
> This is for a Japanese Calligraphy project, which are traditionally
> as a scroll with borders of fine silk brocade. They are then either
> in a cedar box (when being used as the equivalent of books), or hung
> being used as art).
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