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Re: [BKARTS] Mounting as a Japanese Scroll

>This is an inquiry as to whether or not anyone on this list can point me to
>any books on Japanese Scroll Mounting, and/or sources of supply for the
>appropriate silk brocade and proper quality of rice paper and adhesives.

I receive this list in digest form, so I know that there have been some
responses to this query.

Koyano's book is good.  A better understanding of the issues involved
in creating a scroll is contained in:  _Characteristics of Japanese Art
that Condition its Care_  Kenzo Toishi and Hiromitsu Washizuka, Japanese
Association of Museums, 1987.

It's not rocket science, but it ain't altogether easy.  A traditional
apprenticeship in scroll mounting takes a few years.  Granted, year one
may consist of sweeping out the studio and year two may consist of making

One of the reasons for this is job security.  Another reason, equally
important, is to teach patience.

There are papers, and then there are papers.  There is paste; thick, thin,
thinner, really thin....

Drying boards are another part of the program.

If possible, take a short class from a scroll mounter to learn how to handle
large sheets of wet, pasted paper.

One of my videotapes, _Daves Pond_ does show how a Japanese screen is made
and how various weights of paper are pasted out, lifted, and brushed down
to form a base for mounting an oversize watercolor painting.

It's not as good as taking a class, but it's better than trying to do this
from a book.


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