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[BKARTS] Paperback Rebinding

Greetings All,

I am new to the list, and hope someone might have some helpful
advice for me.

I have a few old, paperback books that have come loose, and I would
like to rebind them and make them hardback. Since I'm dealing with
single pages, I'm thinking it's still best to bind them using a
flexible PVA adhesive, and then reinforce the spine with some mull.
Should I be aware of fan gluing, or perfect binding techniques for
this? Then, I'd like to encase the textblocks between hard covers.
Am I on the right track with all of this?

Also, I'd like to glue the paper back covers to the new covers. Is
this easier said than done? Should I also consider laminating the

If you have some experience with this, I look forward to your
replies. I'm at the point where I know what I'd like to do, but I'm
not sure exactly how to get there.

Thanks in advance,


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