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Re: [BKARTS] "in sheets"

Ehud -

Two low-priced options are ClickBook from Blue Squirrel:


and PagePlus from Serif:


I have not tried PagePlus (hope to soon), but I have used several versions
of the ClickBook package for some time now.  It is very inexpensive, and you
really do get what you pay for, but it will format in signatures (called
booklets by them) pages typed up in Word, and it will print on both sides of
the paper, even with inexpensive inkjet printers that do not have native
support for that.

There is a bit of a learning curve with ClickBook, since they use some
unusual terms for things, but I have done a number of multiple-signature
cookbooks, calendars, notebooks, and address books with it.  I cannot say I
like it, but it works, and is easier to use than serious desktop publishing
packages, and, again, is quite inexpensive.

Good luck!

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the list and am just starting to learn bookbinding.  I have done
one book using medieval bookbinding techniques, and wooden covers, which
turned out OK.  I have also done some simple book forms on my own and have a
text block for a codex sewn up and covers cut.  I think I am hooked here.

In the next two weeks I am signing up for the correspondence course from
CBBAG - Bookbinding 1.

For my projects, I would love to actually bind some books in sheets but they
seem to be scare on the internet or too expensive for a beginner to use.  I
tried Timkra which was the only name I know but he is no longer in the
business.  This leaves me with a problem.

Can anyone recommend simple software for formatting pages so that they can
be printed into signatures?  Or, can anyone recommend a source of books in
sheets for purchase?

I know these things have come up a number of times but have not been able to
find an answer to use from the archives.


A school teacher waiting for the first pay check to learn bookbinding.

PS:  While I asked for inexpensive software for making quartos etc., I will
consider buying more expensive software as they often have educator

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