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Re: [BKARTS] Kangaroo leather

No, I haven't tried emu, though I'd love to experiment.  Though I imagine it
might be hard to come by here.  The thing I like about the kangaroo (at
least the 'roo that I purchased from Hollander's) is that it is split thin
enough that I don't need to pare it,and yet it is still very strong.  I am
terrible at paring (just learning, and still need lots of practice) and the
kangaroo saves me so much time.  I do hope to refine my paring skills in the
near future, but when I'm working under deadline, I find that the kangaroo
gives me great results in little time.

But if I ever see emu, I'll grab it!  I'd also love to try stingray, which I
see for sale at Talas, but is $$$$.

Ann Kingman

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> Have you tried emu leather - it has a wonderful texture?
> Jen
> South Australia

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