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Re: [BKARTS] Letterpress equipment

Hi Leah,

Are you from Southeastern CT? I live in the area and am very green to the
letterpress world. (I have a small letterpress but have not had the
time/knowledge to work with it yet). I've been trying to network with like
minded people.

If you can't get any takers, you may want to try Mystic Seaport. I know
they have some presses/type.

preston, ct

> I have aspired for many years to some day run a small letterpress
> printing and hand bookbinding operation, and to that end have acquired
> quite a bit of letterpress equipment.  Unfortunately I have never had
> the situation (time, place, resources, etc.) to make this a reality and
> the person who has rented the current storage area to me would like to
> use it for other purposes.  So, yet again, I am faced with the trauma of
> moving this extremely cumbersome equipment, and I just don't think I
> have it in me anymore.
> Therefore, I have a plethora of printing equipment that I am willing to
> give away to a good home (it would break my heart to have to see it go
> for scrap metal).  In one location I have a Vandercook SP15, and in the
> main storage location I have a job press (I don't recall the make - it
> was given to me not long ago), many racks and cases of type, quoins,
> chases,
> photoengravings, etc.  I also have a small Kelsey table model job press
> (for printing business cards, etc.) and I think I still have a larger
> Kelsey job press (I never used that one much - I don't have the strength
> to get a good impression on that one).  I may still have a large iron
> guillotine-style paper cutter, I can't recall.  With the bigger pieces,
> some disassembly  was required during the last move and will require
> re-assembly (all the pieces should be there).  In all cases, this
> equipment has sat for several years and will need cleaning, sorting,
> winnowing out, etc.
> Both storage locations are in Southeastern Connecticut and any takers
> would have to come get the stuff.  I think it will have to be an all or
> nothing kind of thing as well.
> Leah Prescott
> leah_prescott@xxxxxxx
> If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible because I
> will need to resolve this soon.

sheri cifaldi


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