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Re: [BKARTS] Handwriting class?

I think you may be referring to "The Handwritten Text" a workshop taught
here by Karen Gorst. This fall it will be given on Sept. 21 and Nov. 1. You
can find full course descriptions on our website www.centerforbookarts.org

On another topic, just a note to letterpress printers/fine press folks,
check out the current Poets and Writers - a section is devoted to fine press
/ small press.

Rory Golden
Executive Director
The Center for Book Arts
2121 481 0295

> I'm sorry to post this query -- I really did search
> the archives but I couldn't find the right combo of
> words to find the old post.
> Sometime this year there was a post about a
> handwriting class, the focus of which was to develop a
> consistent style for manuscript artists' books or
> journals.  Not the class to improve your handwriting,
> nor one in which a specific style of calligraphy was
> taught, but one in which the participant would develop
> a distinct handwriting style (I think, perhaps, a la
> Sabrina Ward Harrison).  Does anyone remember the
> details of the post or the workshop? I'm sure it has
> come and gone by now, but hope I might catch it in
> another season...
> Thank you!
> Brigid

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