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Re: [BKARTS] is a book incomplete without title on the spine?

I checked out your book Florian. I'm in favor of individuals being able to
express their own ideas. Hurray for freedom.

On the other hand, you asked. It's good when people make things that others
appreciate. I like books with titles on the spine. I think a book is about
information whether illustrations or text and so what's in a book should be
labeled. A bookshelf with hundreds of books without spine labeling looks
dull and it is impossible to find which book you are looking for. One reason
I'm not a fan of leather bindings is because they are often so spartan.

I get frustrated with electronic books because I can't find them on my
computer. The file name usually has nothing to do with the title and I look
and look and look to find them on my hard drive. I love spine titling and
illustrated covers because I can identify them more quickly. Also I like the
illustrations on the book cover.

I think it is more appropriate for leather to have no labeling on other
types of objects like a jacket or pants because in this case the person's
head sticks out and we can identify the person by their face. So if you like
to work with leather and show off it's grain maybe you should be making
perfectly fitting leather pants and jackets for the actors in the movies
instead of books. Hey, check out the leather Claire Forlani wears in the
latest Jackie Chan action movie "The Medallion". Whoops, maybe you are not
into that kind of movie. And maybe it's not even leather. Sorry I couldn't
help but stick this in. These are just my opinions.

If a book is titled on the spine, I think the title can be oriented
different ways. I prefer the titling to be running alongside for thin or
thick books. That is because most books have them running this way and when
scanning a library shelf one must tilt the head back upright for each book
done otherwise. I like the North American orientation where the spine title
is upright when the book is placed horizontally on a table with the front
cover up. Makes sense to me. Use whatever font fits. I'm imagining you could
still title the spine of a leather or cloth book as thin as 5 mm.

Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.
8-1200 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam BC V3K1G3 Canada
Energy Website: http://www.benwiens.com

-----Original Message-----
Hi everyone, one week ago I finished a book covered completely parchment,
which was
colored with red and black. I got a really nice cloudy texture on the
parchment and decided to change my original design: I did not want to
put any lines on the front, the spine nor the back. I liked the texture
of the parchment too much.
When my master revised the book, he told me that it tecnically good, but
incomplete without any design at the spine. Then I said, that I do not
like any titles running alongside the spine an it would not be possible
to put any title on the spine without changing the font (the spine is
about 15 mm thin). So he answered me that I could put the title letter
THE SPINE, because it is the visible part of the book when its in the
I do not agree and would be interessted in your opinion.

A scan of the book can be found at

Florian Wolper

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