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[BKARTS] german way of doing the special binding

Hello Peter,

thanks for your advice. I know and I am trying to learn listening to the
master and doing the thins he says it would be the best way. But very
often we try another way, believing it were easier. When we get the
results, we know that the master was right, until the next time...

The "Franzband" (the white special binding) has been done during my
apprenticeship in Hoechstaedt a.D. at Steckelers.

One year ago, I left Steckelers and started working at Panteles (near
Munich). Here I learned the way of Mechthild Lobisch of doing the
special binding and now I dont like the german way any more. It is a
rude book...

I am very sorry not being able to present an actual binding of me, I
like very much. But someday I will get a digital camera...



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> Betreff: Re: is a book incomplete without title on the spine?
> Florian,
> als Stift solltest Du wissen das "der Meister immer Recht hat, und der
> Stift immer Unrecht. Sollte der Meister mal nicht Recht haben, tritt das
> erste immernoch in kraft", und Lehrjahre sind keine Herrenjahre.  Learned
> those the hard way. ;>
> Aside from that I think that a book on a book is a good idea, but where is
> up to the binder. If possible integrating it into the design is a good
> idea. I liked your solution. I think the Meister's idea was a good one
> (but not in addition to the title on the board) and work experimenting with on
> another book. You want as many options as possible in life.
> Where are you doing your Lehre (Apprenticeship)? The style of binding on
> your "Franzband" looks much like I learned it (but don't do it like
> anymore). Like your design on the "Ausbildungsbuch" and the one following
> (weisser Ganzfranzband). Franzband is the German term for a binding worked
> in-boards with 90 degree shoulder and tight joint. The "standard" fine
> binding style for leather.
> Peter
> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: Florian Wolper <f.wolper@xxxxxxx>
> >
> > > Hi everyone,
> > >
> > > one week ago I finished a book covered completely parchment, which was
> > > colored with red and black. I got a really nice cloudy texture on the
> > > parchment and decided to change my original design: I did not want to
> > > put any lines on the front, the spine nor the back. I liked the > texture
> > > of the parchment too much.
> > > When my master revised the book, he told me that it tecnically good, but
> > > incomplete without any design at the spine. Then I said, that I do not
> > > like any titles running alongside the spine an it would not be possible
> > > to put any title on the spine without changing the font (the spine is
> > > about 15 mm thin). So he answered me that I could put the title letter
> > > by letter down the spine, BUT A BOOK IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT ANY DESIGN ON
> > > THE SPINE, because it is the visible part of the book when its in the bookshelf.
> > > I do not agree and would be interessted in your opinion.
> > >
> > > A scan of the book can be found at
> > > http://community.webshots.com/photo/59210457/87937139rLjFEB
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