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Re: [BKARTS] request for info, regarding restoration

on 9/10/03 8:48 AM, Ici at icilee@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> hi, i am teaching a basic creative bookbinding class this month thru
> the community school program. The first session was last night. Two of
> my students ( an older married couple ) signed up thinking the class
> would be on restorative work ( how they got that impression i'm not
> quite sure) and at first were disapointed but then they got into the
> swing of it and are looking forward to the rest of the classes ( yay)
> anyway they mentioned they have some old books they need rebound, and
> thought this class would teach them how to do it. I've not seen the
> books, though i'll ask if they can bring one to a future class.   i was
> wondering if anyone knows of any reputable people in the SF Bay area
> who do this type of work  or someone who could appraise or evaluate
> their books and let them know if the books are more valuble left alone
> or if they should be rebound. I get the impression it's more of a
> sentimental thing rather than books of monetary value.    Short of
> that, should they actually wish to follow thru with doing it themselves
> are there any particular books i should point them in the direction of?
> Thank you so much for any help you can give.
> Nancie

I would recommend Pettingill, I think the name is, a bindery in Berkeley or
Oakland -- sorry I don't have more info

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