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[BKARTS] Thin leather


I'm new to bookbinding. I'm currently making some 5.5" X8.5" hollow-back
half cloth journals for friends. I want to do one in leather. I ordered some
of the cheapest leather (calf) from Talas to experiment with. But I'm
failing miserably with  paring.

I don't think my French Paring knife is sharp enough yet.

Anyway, until I get the hang of paring I'm looking for some thin leather
that's ready to cut and glue on the boards.

Can anyone recommend a thin leather that doesn't need any preparation?

I don't need much, maybe a piece that's maybe 6" X 18". ( I need 5.5" X
10.25" for the spine and then the four-corners).

Thanks for your help,

Scott English
Creative Services
Denver Newspaper Agency
303.820.5430 voice
303.820.1446 fax

> ----------
> From:         Ann Grasso
> Reply To:     Book_Arts-L
> Sent:         Saturday, September 6, 2003 12:26 PM
> To:   BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject:      emu, roo and ray
> Hi Ann,
> I feel like a new singing group has been formed.
> First, if you ever find a way to obtain emu, I welcome knowing so I might
> purchase some also.
> As for roo from Harcourt, what I received a year or so ago is not very
> thin
> and fairly rigid - although I like it very much.
> Ray - yes, during the dot com bubble, I purchased some from Talas. I know
> someday it will be an artist book - but it is very very tough. Has anyone
> ever worked with it? It sits in my magic drawer waiting for an idea to
> present itself.
> A.

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