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[BKARTS] Set a Book Free! on Sept 11

Check out the web site www.bookcrossing.com.  A whole web site dedicated to
"read and release".

I have set one book free and it seems to be quite fun though no one has
reported back online about my book.


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>This is the best way I have heard to take part in a Sept 11th
>reaction...FREE A BOOK. Read below and see for yourself. I plan to
>put a copy of this email (no addresses) and a post-it that saids
>TAKE ME HOME as a bookmark in the book to explain its purpose.

>"Poetical Happening" On Sept. 11th,  join a "poetical happening" and
>free a book!
>Because a book is a symbol of freedom, sharing and tolerance.
>On Sept. 11th, 2003, take a book which is important for you, a book
>that has changed your vision on the world, write in it a dedication,
>a few words, an address, or a drawing, and free it!
>Leave it on a roadside bench, a bus stop or in a cafe making it
>available for any unknown reader!
>In this way Sept. 11th will be not only an anniversary of tragedy.
>Together let us affect this global sorrow with creative and generous
>A general mobilization from Bruxelles, Paris, Florence, San
>Francisco,Denver, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Whidbey Island and
>more! Almost all over the world readers, artists, writers, poets,
>and publishers of vision and heart will free books that are
>important for them on Thursday Sept. 11th 2003.
>Get involved and tell your friends! Readers, authors, publishers -
>free a book!
>Because a book is a symbol of freedom, sharing and tolerance!
>This poetical happening originated with:
>Iditions Maelstrvm - Bruxelles, Iditions Le Veilleur - Paris,
>Edizioni CityLights - Firenze, City Lights Publishers - San Francisco,
>A.C. Biofficina - Roma - Leslie Aguillard, Denver

>"The moon rolls through the trees, rises
>from them, and waits."
>                                       -William Stafford

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