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Re: [BKARTS] board shear - new kutrimmers


I am a member of the chat group and a distributor for a number of makes
of paper cutters, including the EBA (a.k.a. ideal mbm) Kutrimmer paper/board
shears.  These are made in Germany and are highly respected among bookbinders.

The models most suitable for bookbinding are 1038 (15" cut), 1058 (22.5") and
1071 (28").   These models have a side gauge that when extracted acts as a
paper support and when brought fully in serves as a "hairline" cutting device
as it only allows a very narrow edge of the paper to come under the blade.
clamping system is manual.  To give you an idea, the cost of model 1038 is
us$315 with FREE
shipping for any location in the cont. USA.  See picture:

Here is the complete price list:

kutrimmer 2035 $180 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1043 $295 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1038 $as quoted above with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1058 $475 with FREE shipping
kutrimmer 1071 $555 with FREE shipping

If you decide not to get a kutrimmer then your best choice is likely a used
Jacque shear but you should consider that they are bulky, heavy and fairly
expensive for a good condition used unit.

If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to contact me.

good luck,

pedram fanian
SignetAndino co
tel 416-464-9712

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