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Re: [BKARTS] Foil stamping cloth

I often stamp with real gold foil on cloth. True some fabrics, especially
those without a sheen don't take the gold well, but there are many cloths
that stamp perfectly well with foil. I buy my 23k gold foil from Talas, but
I found a nice antique gold (imitation) from Hewits. I had a hard time
finding imitation foils that didn't look gaudy. For basic cloth, a good
source is Gane's Arestox.

With some of the rougher fabrics, I have experimented with "sizing" the foil
instead of the cloth, giving the foil a bit of extra tack. This works
sometimes, but I haven't had consistent results.

BTW, I also use an ancient Kwikprint, and I was having the same trouble with
the gold not adhering, so I bought another heating element from them, I
think it cost me $50. From there I was a happy stamper!

Good luck.

Vernon Wiering
Wiering Books
Hand Bindery
1553 Orville Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

on 9/11/03 9:05 PM, Dave Allen at allen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Also if you are using real gold and not gold foil you would have to use sizing

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