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[BKARTS] AW: [BKARTS] Re: bradel à plats rapportés


One year ago appeared in a german binding magazine an article about the
Bradel binding.

The showed a photo of a binder from Belgium called Bradel, who
"invented" this technique.
The binding is backed to 90°. Then the spine is attached to the book,
then the boards, then the book is covered.

(in german it is called "schwebender Rücken" it is a variant of the
"gebrochenem Rücken" (can someone help me with the translation??))

The difference to the case binding (Deckenband) is, that the case is
done separately from the book block. In Germany we use the term Bradel,
but doing so, we are not talking about the case binding.

Someone tell me, if I am totally mistaken.


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>  From 19th century Alscace (so I was taught), and as such claimed by
> Germans and French as their own. It's called Bradel by the French,
> generally just Deckenband (case binding) by the Germans. There are
> variations on that technique.
> p.
> At 08:54 AM 9/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Yves,
> >
> >If I'm not mistaken, Bradel is German.
> >
> >Ed Stansell
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