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[BKARTS] Bradel binding according to Roberts and Etherington

I found this definition of Bradel by searching the Conservation
Online (CoOl) website at this URL

The search brought me to a great resource-- Roberts's and
Etherington's Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books--A Dictionary
of Descriptive Terminology and the following explanation:

Bradel binding   http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/don/dt/dt0459.html
A type of binding having a hollow back, and not unlike a library
binding, except that it is considered to be temporary. The style was
originated in Germany by Alexis Pierre Bradel, also known as Bradel
l'ainé, and also as Bradel-Derome, son-in-law and successor to
Nicholas-Denis Derôme. The style was taken to France sometime between
1772 and 1809. Bradel bindings generally have split boards into which
are attached the extensions of the spine lining cloth. The edges are
uncut, sometimes with the head edge being gilt. They generally have a
leather or linen spine. In France the style was known as "Cartonnage
à la Bradel," or as "en gist." See also: LESNÉ, FRANÇOIS A.D. (347 )

Best wishes,
Olivia Primanis
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
University of Texas at Austin

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