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Re: [BKARTS] AIC Stuff

   Somehow I think we have been through most of this discussion several
times before, but it remains a pressing concern for many of us.  I
appreciate Jane's comments first and foremost for being from a sound,
observant, practical mind, and second for reporting on a situation quite
different from my own.  Setting up any kind of certification program has
major problems, one of which, the impartiality of the testing has already
been discussed.  Another major concern is the expense of maintaining such a
program and its records over many years to come; an obstacle which the
GBW  has found no way around and which would be a major burden, I suspect,
for the AIC, despite the high dues its membership pays.
   I would like to point out that the AIC and GBW have a high number of
members belonging to both groups, and the meaner motives some ascribe to
the AIC's organizational ambitions (which I share to some degree) should
not be allowed to impugn the integrity and genuine concern of individuals
for the ethics and standards of book conservation and repair.
   To complement Jane's comments on the need of the general public for
access to skilled people, however that skill is acquired, I add on the
other end of the spectrum the frustration of seeing important questions of
care and conservation too frequently in the hands of librarians whose
woeful ignorance of book history, materials and construction can lead to
disaster long before the material even reaches the conservation
department.  This is a general observation, which, I realize, may offend
those librarians, especially those trained as rare book librarians, who do
know about these things.  To them I would say your numbers are too few to
meet the present need.
   Dorothy Africa

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