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Re: [BKARTS] AIC Stuff


I can answer directly for the Renaissance School of Bookbinding; since I am
the titular head master.  The City of Wilmington was our mainstay of support.
They promised a building and additional funding for equipment. They had a
scandal crop up where a group they had funded during a previous administration, did
nothing with the millions they were given but travel the world and live like
Arab sheiks. When this happened, The city dads got cold feet a put a freeze on
grants. When they pulled their support, the other funding agencies that were
in line to give us a grant withdrew their support. We were on the mayor's
priority list. But, the city's head of Economic Developement says, " well, the
mayor doesn't always get what he wants."  We waltzed around with these people for
the better part of two years; being told what an asset we were going to be
because we fit right into their plans for revitalization of the downtown area.
What we ended with amounted to little more than a cold handshake and "sorry, we
did what we could."

Right now, we are in limbo. We have a corporation with non-profit (501c3)
status and a board of directors.  But, no funding.  I am open to advice (or
funds) if anyone has any.  I put a world of effort into getting as far as we did. I
hate to just let it die.


Ed Stansell

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