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[BKARTS] Ethiopian Book of Psalms to Be Returned

Ethiopian Book of Psalms to Be Returned
Tue Sep 16, 9:34 AM ET

LONDON - A handwritten copy of the Book of Psalms that British troops
looted from Ethiopia in the 19th century will be returned.

A group that works to return looted treasures to Ethiopia said
Tuesday that it will take the 300-year-old book to Addis Ababa, the
capital of the eastern African nation, later this month.

British soldiers took the book and other treasures when they stormed
the mountain fortress of Emperor Theodore II at Magdala during an
invasion of Ethiopia in 1868.

The Association for the Return of the Magdala Ethiopian Treasures
bought the book from a private dealer for $1,200 earlier this year.

The volume is in a leather case stamped with the words "Taken at
Magdala." It is written in the ancient Ethiopian language of Geez.

A label inside describes it as "one of the few surviving manuscripts
that is not in the British Museum from the enormous looting which
took place after the assault on the fortress of Magdala."


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