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Re: [BKARTS] Altering books

I suggest, as the books were given to you, you pass them along to someone to
whom those last two pages don't stick in the throat. There are plenty of
books to enjoy. Glueing pages together in a book? At best a waste of glue.


Vernon Wiering
Wiering Books
Hand Bindery
1553 Orville Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

on 9/16/03 12:54 PM, Rosemary Hagedorn at Janey108@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> We are a small elementary church school library.  We received a donation of
> 19 hard cover books about different types of dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, the
> last 2 pages of the books contain information pertaining to when (read
> millions
> of years) these dinosaurs lived.  We believe and teach the Biblical view of
> creation.  The books are colorful and would be very useful, except for the
> last 2
> pages of statistics.  I can't cut them out because the last of the story is
> on one side of the statistics page.  After reading the paragraph on the title
> page regarding reproducing, photocopying, utilizing etc. and that one
> shouldn't
> do this, I hesitate to solve the problem by simply gluing the last 2 pages
> together and pasting a page of statistics on the blank back page.  Is this
> legal?  I love working here and don't want to create problems.

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