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Re: [BKARTS] Altering books

Dear Rosemary
   if the books as written run counter to the beliefs of the community
your library serves, I think the ethical choice must be not to use
them.  After all, if one objects to their content on the basis of one's own
beliefs, altering them in a fashion to counter the beliefs of the author is
hardly ethical, or properly Christian.   I would pass these books on to the
local public library and consider others.  You might bring the problem to
the attention of the community you serve and ask for some donations of
books that do conform to your patrons' beliefs, or for funds to purchase
them.  You might also check with the minister or leaders of the
congregation about it.  These children must live in a world full of people
who do not share their beliefs and will need assistance in coming to terms
with being a minority in that regard.  These books may be a useful way of
starting that discussion with them.
  Dorothy Africa

At 12:54 PM 9/16/2003, you wrote:
We are a small elementary church school library.  We received a donation of
19 hard cover books about different types of dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, the
last 2 pages of the books contain information pertaining to when (read
of years) these dinosaurs lived.  We believe and teach the Biblical view of
creation.  The books are colorful and would be very useful, except for the
last 2
pages of statistics.  I can't cut them out because the last of the story is
on one side of the statistics page.  After reading the paragraph on the title
page regarding reproducing, photocopying, utilizing etc. and that one
do this, I hesitate to solve the problem by simply gluing the last 2 pages
together and pasting a page of statistics on the blank back page.  Is this
legal?  I love working here and don't want to create problems.

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