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[BKARTS] Dinosaur Point

Rosemary, I have to congratulate you for reaching such a high level
of sophistry.

First, the red herring. You had no question to ask of this list, you
merely sneaked in an affirmation under the guise of a reasonable
question. You want to censor a book, go ahead. Just dont ask me to
watch, or to approve.

Which (second) begs the question: are you censoring these books
against your beliefs, or as a logical extension of them? Is your
action just a regrettable but necessary incident, or is it part and
parcel of your religious outlook? If its the latter, then I have
every right to criticize your beliefs as the beliefs of a book
burner. I may some day run into a few followers of the old Aztec
religion. That doesnt mean I have to allow them to rip out my heart
and offer it to Huitzilopochtli.

The point has often been made, and I could easily make it again from
your letter: so-called Creationism is not a self-sustaining set of
beliefs (like those originally contained in the Bible), but a
reaction against Evolutionism. Its purpose is to repress the
validity and existence of another set of beliefs. Including the
beliefs held by many people on this list about the integrity of
books and the free circulation of ideas.

Censoring books is not where you end: its where you begin.

Paul T Werner, New York

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