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Re: [BKARTS] evident repairs


Isn't this the heart of the conserve-preserve considerations?

Shouldn't determination of the likely future use of the book
guide the treatment?

If availability for reading on a library shelf, would knowledge
of subtle repairs be a concern? Couldn't a repair record be
laid in be sufficient if useful?

If study as an artifact is a concern, should repairs be done at all?

If preservation were required to stabilize against further
deterioration, wouldn't a repair note suffice?

If appearance were considered important for improved for
display purposes, should treatment be decided on post-display

If made available for sale/resale mustn't alterations be made
explicit? {Expert dustjacket repairs give me concern
in this regard.)

[Don't know what to say about fragile/deteriorated items
in special collections.]

Alan Shalette

| There are levels to everything, of course, and if you happen to use safety
| orange duct tape for your rebacks this is clearly not going to be a thread
| of interest to you. I, however, who spent a lot of yesterday surrounded by
| the watercolor pencils, colored kozo, soft pastels and sweat attempting to
| harmonize a repair with a light yellowish, reddish, brownish black flecked
| abraded leather with only acceptable results, would like to hear from other
| people on the list about how they go about it. My goal is to make the
| repair discreet. I have rarely had the problem of what to do to keep it
| from being invisible. Now some repairs, such as re-sewing a text block and
| replacing it in the same case, may go unnoticed without documentation, but
| I am speaking of surface repairs to colored originals, supplying losses in
| a colored plate, replacing missing paste downs for ornamental end papers,
| that sort of thing.
|   Dorothy Africa

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