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Re: [BKARTS] re altering books

A friend advises me that the following provision of the
Copyright Act of 1976 (as amended) may have something to
say on the subject of alteration of published material.

Sect. 106A. Rights of certain authors to attribution and integrity

 Sec 113(d) shall have the right--

 (A) To prevent any intentional distortion, mutilation or other modification
 of | the work that would be prejudicial to his or her honor or reputation and
 intentional distortion, mutilation or modification of the work is a violation
 of that right and

 (B) to prevent any destruction of a work of recognized status, and any
 intentional or grossly malignant destruction of that work is a violation of
 that right.

(b) Scope and exercise of rights.

 Only the copyright owner has the right to modify or create a derivative work
 based on the original copyrighted work...see Chapt.1 Sect. 106 Sec.2.


Alan Shalette

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