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Re: [BKARTS] Dinosaur Point

> Frank,
> Yes, returning the books with thanks and an explanation would be easiest, if
> possible, it's not.  We don't know who the donors are.  I don't think they
> meant to be anonymous, just didn't think it was important and wanted no
> credit.  However, the easiest way isn't always the right way.  Our library is
> small and we struggle for "book funds" along with everyone else.  The books
> are worth the "editing."
> Addressing your question. . . "how it went all wrong?"  God gave us free will.
> That's how love is offered.  God said "not to eat of the tree."  Adam and Eve
> chose to.  They broke God's law.  He gave us Jesus.  Jesus paid for the crime.
> I get to live in freedom because I've accepted Him and his gift.     Rosemary

Dear Rosemary,

I realize that this topic is not really germane to the Book Arts list, but
what you are proposing to do troubles me and so I am responding again.

I am not troubled by our differing views on evolution, but on censorship. I
am not trying to be sarcastic, but have you read the books? If so, do you
plan on cutting out portions of the text that do not conform to your views?
Would you be of a different opinion if another group took exceptions to
portions of your favorite version of the bible and decided to glue those
pages together or, even worse, turned them into Artist¹s Books (Sorry, a bit
of humor from a traditionalist bookbinder crept in.)?

I still hope you reconsider and but in as much effort in returning them to
the original donor as you do in trying to get new books for your library.
Failing that, put them in a safe place in the hope that some day the irate
donor will come after you yelling ³Why aren¹t the books I donated on the
shelf², at which point you could return them. This would do no harm to the
books or the ideas they contain and at the same time protect your patrons.

If you haven¹t already done so, I would highly recommend that you read Ray
Bradbury¹s excellent novel ³Fahrenheit 451². The form of censorship depicted
there had to start somewhere.

Ultimately, I feel you have a legal right to do whatever you want to the
books, just don¹t expect me to sit quietly by while you do it.

Lehmann Bindery

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