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Re: [BKARTS] evident repairs

I would have thought that making repairs evident is a matter of degree.
What is evident to someone skilled at this sort of work might well not be ,
and hopefully would not be, to someone not skilled. The sort of customer
who arrives with an 1889 family bible, saying they have this really old
book, and find that we are referring to it as relatively modern, is
unlikely to be able to pick out well done conservation, however someone who
knows this sort of work, should be able to detect most repairs, unless they
have been faked up.


At 11:23 17/09/03 -0400, you wrote:
Looks like it's time for a new thread on the old book list, folks.  To
return to one that flashed by just before the train wreck on Dinosaur
Point, I would love to hear from people who have difficulty making their
repairs evident.  This is not sarcasm, I would like to hear about it.

There are levels to everything, of course, and if you happen to use safety
orange duct tape for your rebacks this is clearly not going to be a thread
of interest to you.  I, however, who spent a lot of yesterday surrounded by
the watercolor pencils, colored kozo, soft pastels and sweat attempting to
harmonize a repair with a light yellowish, reddish, brownish black flecked
abraded leather with only acceptable results, would like to hear from other
people on the list about how they go about it.  My goal is to make the
repair discreet.  I have rarely had the problem of what to do to keep it
from being invisible.  Now some repairs, such as re-sewing a text block and
replacing it in the same case, may go unnoticed without documentation, but
I am speaking of surface repairs to colored originals, supplying losses in
a colored plate, replacing missing paste downs for ornamental end papers,
that sort of thing.
  Dorothy Africa

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