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Re: [BKARTS] Art vs. Craft

A craftsman is someone who knows his / her tools, materials and
techniques, as these are his words. without words you can't make a
From true craftsmanship arises Art.
What makes a true artist is his understanding of his/her Tools,
materials and techniques, as it it enables him/her to truly express
what is created in his /her mind.

A good artist can be a good craftsman.
A good craftsman can be an Artist.

charles mohr
bookbinding, intaglio, letterpress, paper marbling, wood engraving,
On Sunday, September 21, 2003, at 12:57 PM, Carol Heppner wrote:

I consider myself an artist who practices her craft.  Because I work
in many
mediums, I consider myself an artist.

My view of a craftsman (craftsperson?) is one that limits their focus
excels in that one area.  I also think of a craftsman someone who
works in ...
great... a blonde moment!  I forgot what term I wanted to use! sigh!
Ok... one
who is skilled in creating usable items such as baskets, stained
glass, Iron
work and so on.... I hate those blonde moments!!!

My view of crafters, is one who uses someone else's designs or
patterns to

Now, I don't look at any of these terms as being better than the
other.  I
know there are some out there that do.  This is just how I categorize
the terms
in my mind.

Carol Heppner

L.A Book Arts, Inc.
The Custom Bindery
Krause Intaglio

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