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[BKARTS] Imposition capabilities/plug-ins

Hi -

I just searched a ways back on the list, and this has been discussed a
little, but I'm asking a little broader question than the previous ones.

Is there any word processor addon, or publishing program with fully
versatile imposition capabilities for PC? I want to be able to specify
finished page size, paper size, number of pages per signature, and have
it do the rest, or force any of the variables, etc.

The math and progamming are not that hard, and I expected this
capability to be standard, or a standard option, about ten years ago.
Quark doesn't even do this, though it makes it relatively easy to do by

Someone suggested InBooklet, for InDesign, but that looks extremely
limited. Going by way of LaTeX would be fine if I were already up on
that side of things, but if I were, I think I'd write my own postscript
imposition plugin for WP or Word and sell it.

Any recommendations??


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