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Re: [BKARTS] Art vs. Craft

When exploring the realm of creating or teaching book
arts and artists' books, I have found it helpful to
use the metaphor of the tightrope walker who may gain
greater center of gravity and balance using a long
pole. On one side of the pole there is the craft.
Weighted with utility (accomplishing a creative task
with effiency), mastery of the task (possessing and
practicing the skills to make a "handsome" product)
and tradition (the practice of that effiency and
mastery in the ways others before us have learned and
made more percise with each generation). On the other
side of the balancing pole is the art. The expression
of ideas (using metaphores, concepts and alike as
visual communications), Relationship (the added
meaning to imagery, text and art fundementals
experienced) and risk (attempts at creating things
that challenge our ways at looking at the world around
us) make up, in part the weight of the art side of the
balancing pole.

Stiking the even-balance may be important for a steady
tightrope walker ... but we see wonder-filled,
exciting  and awe inspiring shows with the trapese
artist who performs the challenging and inventive with
ease and style....

 Robert Possehl

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