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Re: [BKARTS] Art vs. Craft

I consider myself an Artist who happens to use the Craft of bookbinding
to make artistic statements - or utilizes the Book Arts as the
techniques within which I practice my art.  But as an artist in additon
to the Book Arts I also do paintings and illustrations and cartoons.   I
don't consider myself a 'fine binder' per se - I use the techniques and
I seek to better understand the craft of fine bindings in order to
better communicate my artistic ideas, but I'm an Artist, and a Book
Artist - as in I'm an artist who uses the format of a 'book' etc..
So when I exhibit my artist books to the public via art galleries - I
present them more as a 'sculpture' or as an 'art object'.  I do however
make blank books as a way of practicing various binding techniques and I
do sell those blank books - but these, in my mind, are merely artistic
exercises or 'preludes' to an artist book.
Sue Clancy

vernon wiering wrote:

On another note, I have been thinking about the world of bookbinding as a
craft. The word craft has gone through a variety of mutations and has gone
in and out of vogue, and thought I consider myself a crafstman, as do many
others in the field, I am also aware that so museums and organizations are
favoring the word ART in place of CRAFT (thus we have the BOOK ARTS etc.).Is
there a distinction? or can we use these words interchangably. I wonder what
all you thinkers out there see as the distinction between art and craft, and
what you see yourselves as, artists or craftspersons, and how this affects
ways in which you present yourselves to the public.


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