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[BKARTS] Artist Paper and Books

Good Morning,

I'm new to the list but wish to share and learn from all of you.  I have been a full time studio artist for the past 44 years and it has been a great learning forum for me. I been working in copper for the past 44 year and keep loving it . I started working in clay 12 years ago and it teaches be so much. Over the past 2 years I have add making paper from the plants found here in lower Southwestern ,Michigan and making books from that paper . 
I'm mixed blood and learn from the teaching of my Great Grandfather a Ojibway from the Great Lakes . My work has been a teaching tool for me from the start and now with the paper and the books I find again a place where I can in a good way pass on some of the teaching that have made my life what it is.  The Ojibway people did not make paper but did use Birch bark to pass on teaching in book and scrolls form. I try to use  the copper, clay,and the paper to make my books. The plants I use for my paper are plants that have been importand to my people for thousands of years. As of now there are no photos of my books on my web site but will be by the years end.   www.edgraystudio.com


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