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[BKARTS] AW: Romanesque binding?

Hi Teresa,

There is a lot of specialized literature about this type of binding.
Generally spoken, the Romanesque bindings were bound between the second
half of the 11th century to the end of the 14th century.

Here is some information, taken of the "archaeology of medieval
bookbinding" by Szirmai.

Endleaves: Consist of one or two signatures made of parchment, pasted
down after covering

Sewing: on slit-thong supports (herringbone, single straight and packed
straight sewing)

Headband: in some cases they are part of the sewing, in some cases they
are separated; single and double support; primary endband, which can be
embellished with a secondary embroidery

Board attachment: boards consist of wood (oak)
The slips of the thong supports enter the board through tunnels cut into
the spine edge, then laced through the board.

Edge trimming: performed with a knife drawn along the edges of the

Spine treatment: no use of animal glue (they used starch paste)
Various layers of lining (leather), flat spine

Cover: pale white-grey leather of the chamois or whittawed type without
decoration, and brown, vegetable tanned with blind tooling

Corners: mitred, overlapping, tongued or sewn mitred

Fastening: 2 types: edge fastenings (as seen by the Carolingian
bindings) and long-strap fastenings

The Romanesque binding does not differ significantly from the
carolingian bindings, but small changes in the construction hardened the
opening of the books and the strain of the supports has become stronger.

If you are interested in these type of bindings, have a look at the book
by Szirmai. It is very good and has a lot of good illustrations of the

Have a lot of fun


> Someone mentioned this type of binding. . .is there such a thing? what
> it
> and how would I do it?
> Thank you for any help you could provide!

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