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Re: [BKARTS] craft vs art

Syn: Artificer; artist.

Usage: Artisan, Artist, Artificer. An artist is one who is skilled in some
one of the fine arts; an artisan is one who exercises any mechanical
employment. A portrait painter is an artist; a sign painter is an artisan,
although he may have the taste and skill of an artist. The occupation of the
former requires a fine taste and delicate manipulation; that of the latter
demands only an ordinary degree of contrivance and imitative power. An
artificer is one who requires power of contrivance and adaptation in the
exercise of his profession. The word suggest neither the idea of mechanical
conformity to rule which attaches to the term artisan, nor the ideas of
refinement and of peculiar skill which belong to the term artist.


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Subject: craft vs art

At a handmade paper conference in Japan in 1980 Rauchenburg and Hockney =
had a go-around on the subject...in fact the whole conferece was =
examining the challenge of craft to become art. Rauchenburg said it was =
o.k. to make anything, and call it Art. It is then Art. Hockney said, =
"No, the artist has to mess it up somehow!"=20
We have gone through a period in contemporary art where quality of craft =
meant very little.
Two questions: Does the excellence of book art craft disallow "messing =
it up somehow?"=20
Do we as book artists sacrifice content for clever form and excellent =

Jean Marvell
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