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Re: [BKARTS] Photography fine art books

The journals of Dan Eldon (former Reuters photographer) are particularly
compelling for young people. I used The Journey is the Destination with
my high school emotionally disturbed boys last year with great praise
and results (from them). My daughter is very interested in Dan's work
and life and is formulating a major research paper on him.
www.daneldon.com is a very helpful site.
Velma Bolyard

Justin Miller wrote:

 I teach photography in high school. My advanced students assemble their
work into books as a form of portfolio and presentation. I am trying to
give them an outlet for thier work that incorperates more than just
dry-mounting them for competition.

 Are any of you aware of websites or other source that I could direct
them to for examples of other artists who use the book format for thier
work. I want something that doesn't just show photographs on pages, but
composes fine art books with photography as a primary media. I am even
interested in montage or colage work using photographs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Justin Miller

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